Monday, July 27, 2009

Courts: Reality Now Illegal,
Libs: Yeah, We Never Really Liked It Anyway

Mainstreaming? I see no mainstreaming!

Like I keep saying, if liberals ever denounce vampires as a 'right-wing myth', start laying in garlic and stakes.

Needless to say, the logic on show in this decision is up to the usual standard. There's no facility for offenders predators to seek a review of their inclusion on the register. Well, y'know, apart from the whole 'trial by a jury of their peers' thing. That's the review right there. They were found guilty and put on the register as part of their sentence.

Ah, but that's the thing: even people with Captain Hook's feel for the public mood can sense that going easy on predators just days after their crimes have been described in open court might be a little too obvious. They'd much rather kick that can down the road until the public spotlight moves on, and a whole bunch of folks making a life and a living out of supposedly rehabilitating dangerous predators can get together and decide that the dangerous predator in question is indeed rehabilitated.

This is the crucial issue. The hipsters would rather we kept the whole thing on the abstract level, as though a penchant for sexual predation was a psychological quirk like claustrophobia or OCD. When our alleged betters whine about 'emotionalism', this is what they mean: folks reminding the public that for every offence there's a victim who's life will never be the same again. How're they supposed to keep up the whole Therapy Nation vibe when people keep dumping bodies on the floor?

Still, even stating all the above is giving this argument too much credit. Let's pretend that the rehab industry isn't a bunch of sleazy snake oil salesmen and all these freaks really need is a psychological oil change and some karmic WD40 - they're still convicted sex offenders and the Register is merely calling them what they indisputably are.

Again, this is a crucial battleground in the culture war. What is PC if not an attempt to prevent people calling stuff what it is? It says a lot about how good the hipsters argument really are that they want to stop anyone actually discussing them.

(Oh... and by the way, how come libs aren't taking out onions for wife beaters unfairly refused firearms certificates? They've served their time - shouldn't they get the chance to have their cases reviewed too? Presumably by the owner of the local gun shop. Fair's fair!)

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