Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But What Was The Artist Trying To Say?

Shockingly enough, it turns out that this particular Murderer of No Appearance is not an Eskimo.

Still, some things are apparently still too controversial to mention. We're told Morrison has a record of violence against women. Really? Any particular type of women? Any common factor at all?

It gets better. His mother - who helped - ahem! - let him destroy evidence - is no ordinary police officer. Nope, she works on 'hate crimes'.

Who'd have thunk it: a grievance mining shakedown artist with a son who turns out to be a racist nutcase. What are the odds, hey? You know, it's almost like rabble-rousing race-hustlers and honkey-hating loons are two sides of the same coin....

Also exposed: the femiloons. 'Football couch' Morrison met with quite a lot of tolerance for his violence against women. When trouble-makers call the police on their neighbours, the cops won't leave without making an arrest even if everyone in the house thinks they're out of their mind, but a guy who really does beat up women? Yawner-rooney, dude!... Say, do you ever think the whole campaign was just an excuse for liberal activists to harass traditional families?

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