Monday, July 20, 2009

Libs Discover Constitution, Hilarity Ensues

Just in case General Dannatt ever tires of being a liberal hate figure, I have the perfect way for him to rehabilitate himself.

Of course, libs will point out that Sir Jacko was retired when he risked becoming a chattering class hero by calling Yanks STOOPID. After all, the constitution prohibits serving soldiers criticising Her Majesty's Government, right? PC Plod can hammer home Labour talking points with all the subtly of a comedian at a rugby club dinner, but soldiers are different. Well, except for this guy, obviously.

Hmmmm.... let's review the scorecard here. Talking about logistical short-comings on the battlefield is a slippery slope that leads to a military junta, but giving a public backrub to a bunch of Islamofascist thugs..... What could be wrong with that?

(On the plus side though, this kind of savvy public dhimmitude Islamic outreach would explain why 2005 was so peaceful on the home front.)


Down in the comments, TDK reminds us that Dannett himself is horribly compromised. All of which rams home the point that Dannatt is no more or less than the natural end product of a politicised Army. Indeed, one of the defining characteristics of the Nu Labour era has been the corruption of the professions: doctors release the medical records of anyone foolish enough to speak out against the government, police officers jabber endlessly about the lowest crime rate in history (while wearing body armour and carrying cs gas) and flag officers are too busy ordering up shiny new toys to actually win the war.

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