Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unicorn Arrested!

Not really - it's the even-rarer creature, the sexual predator released to strike again.

At least, I assume they're rare, judging by the way the hipsters whine and complain when anybody raises this issue. See, now I'm wondering - are we still lager-swilling idiots, sucking our brains out with daytime TV, or is the fact that this kind of thing keeps happening exactly as we predicted proof that it might just be our eye-rolling pals who are the idiots?

This isn't passive smoking or mobile phone towers. A dangerous predator was set free and struck again almost immediately. Conclusion: releasing predators is a bad idea.

At this point you're probably wondering just what kind of idiot judge could set a known predator free. Well, keep wondering:
The judge, who cannot be named for legal reasons....
Hey, I think the idea of giving convicted criminals anonymity is an legal and moral outrage, but judges? These people hold public office but we're not to know how they choose to perform their duties? Say what?

Like I keep saying, judicial independence means independence from political influence, it doesn't mean independence from the wider culture. Judges are meant to reflect the common morality, not just the warped morality of our fashionably disengaged hipster class. Still, in so far as they feel the need to hide behind anonymity, at least they can't deny knowing where the public really stands on this issue.

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