Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No, We Don't Want To Lose You, But We Think You Should Go (To Smackhead Comp)

This is what baffles me about cases like this: surely even some liberals see how bizarre this sort of thing is.

Still, I have to admit though, I am intrigued by the idea that you can draw a line round a place - a 'border', to coin a phrase - with certain rights only available to those inside that border. It sounds crazy, but it could work!

Of course, the other mystery is why exactly it matters. Surely all this 'school choice' wasn't a just a slippery liberal scam? Then again, the educrats has spent years claiming they want families to get involved with their children's education. Apparently, they mean 'involved' in the same way pigs are involved in ham sandwiches.

Liberals have suddenly turned into Lord Kitchener, as in 'Your Country Needs You To Send Your Children To An Awful School'. Still, at least Word War I generals had an end point in mind. They might have been prepared to sacrifice thousands, but they wanted to win the war and bring the slaughter to an end. The educrats are writing off the life chances of thousands of children every year and we're supposed to accept that's just the way it is. Some schools are good, some are terrible. Luck of the draw, init?

Liberals are convinced that the whole of the private sector is one enormous conspiracy, with everyone meeting on the golf course to plan how to rob the public. Hence the Competition Commission and a gazillion other quangos. Meanwhile, when it comes to education, education, education, they openly operate a cartel expressly designed to ensure that no school, no matter how hopeless, can fail to get its latest draft of victims. Can we jail them yet?

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