Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Truth Is... They're Kooks

Libs are enraged that Her Majesty invited all the members of the London Assembly to her party, not just the ones they approve of. Apparently, there's no excuse for public figures being seen to endorse extremists - they should meet with sensible, middle of the road moderates like this guy.

Hmmmmm... what definition of 'extreme' are we using here? Either 'extremism' is another of those words Cameron doesn't really understand (much like 'conservatism') or liberals have, as it were 'moved on' from 'reclaim the night' to 'she was asking for it'.

Of course, the BNP have been accused of The Racism! unlike St Gary, who lead an all black gang that targeted exclusively white women.

I think it's worth emphasising that last bit here, since the MSM won't tell you that. The fact police search disproportionately more young, black men compared to the population at large is proof of racism, but a 100% split between victim & victimiser.... that's just some wacky coincidenks.

Needless to say, St Gary has never been pressed on the racism. As for the rapes... Let's just say that I generally find that remorseful people express actual, y'know, remorse, rather than, say, blaming everyone else and issuing prissy demands that no one be allowed to mention their true nature as a sicko pervert.

Still, let's take a moment here to imagine the likely reaction on the left to a Melanie Philips column which claimed single parent families made boys grow up to be gang rapists.


Funnily enough though, as this latest incident testifies, being a racist thug and sexual predator has proved to be no bar to St Gary climbing aboard the Good Ship Truther. Hey, not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but as a rule, I find that if you're trying to pass off your loony movement as a grass roots effort by a *representative* group of July 7 survivors, you probably want to go light on the whole 'paling around with perverted bigots' thing.

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