Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More Supporting-Of-The-Troopyness

If a spate of robberies mean liberals want to ban manikins in military uniform, banning the burkha should be a cinch, right? After all, I'm pretty sure the bank robberies weren't committed by 2 Para, whereas the Islamic connection to violence is a little more, ahhh, direct.

Actually, the real question is raised by this:
But an officer from Bolton Council has written to Mr Shahabi and threatened him with a fine if he does not move the doll.
Say what? I admit I haven't kept up with our ever-evolving legal system, but absent the passage of the Military Manikins Act of 2009, I'm wondering what statute the council are intending to use to enforce this fine. Well, that and wondering what exactly is the moral difference between council officials citing bogus laws to shakedown anyone who doesn't share their pathological hatred of real public servants, and private sector protection rackets.

Seems to me that if people are freaking out over a dummy, they're the ones with a problem - although, come to think of it, this is the perfect example of the liberal thought process: there's a spate of robberies, so the council wants to fine a shopkeeper. Of course!

Maybe he should claim society made him put the dummy up? Either that, or replace it with a dummy in a gimp suit, in which case the council would no doubt be vigorously harassing the complainants.


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