Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hipsters Still Wrestling With Their Daddy Issues

So this is the dawn of the libertarian revolution then? Slightly provocative slogans on buses. Take that you suburban squares!

Seriously, I'm thinking these guys are going to have to take it to the next level.

Anyway, what's with an atheist bus? Does that mean when it gets to the journey's end it just sits there and rots? Or maybe it means it only goes ten miles per hour and ends up nowhere near its destination, but that's all the fault of the faster, more comfortable 'faith buses' which steal all the good passengers.

Still, let's give our perpetually teenage friends some credit. At least they've outed themselves. At least they admit to pushing atheism - actually, that should be Atheism - rather than claiming they're just secularists who simply want to move towards a more tolerant, progressive world where people will come together and EXTERMINATE THE IGNORANT SKY FAIRY WORSHIPPING NEANDERTHALS.

On the other hand though, when sane people think of the negative effects of religion on bus travel, they tend not to think of Christians, but these people can only ever attack the Religion of Peace in the context of a more general condemnation of religion. Well, whatever propagates your DNA, but could they at least stop hailing their own heroism?

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