Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Worry About The Bailout

The one thing that I think speaks in favour of the government's 'throw money at the banks' policy is that leftists have come out against it. Leftists only ever embrace fiscal responsibility when the case for more spending is irrefutable. Aromatherapy for smackheads will pay for itself, but jailing low-life so they can't commit more crime is just crazy talk.

Consider what the self-same people enraged! at the bailout think makes perfect sense: NHS sailing holidays, graffiti walls, positive-thinking courses for people who deserve to feel terrible, paying chav scum more than the average teacher earns, free houses for scrounging chav scum, free houses and plasma screens for Al-Chavs and braille for all those blind squash players and air traffic controllers.

Against all this, the bailout makes perfect sense. Hell, at least this way we'll get the chance to build up a nice stockpile of stubby pens on chains.

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