Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lord Snooty Goes On Patrol

How determined is the Telegraph to trash its reputation? This determined.

All of which rams home an important point about liberal multiculturalism: only certain cultures qualify. The same people who pat themselves on the back for their nuanced take on honour killings, can't string two sentences together about Americans without calling in the Stereotype Squad.

That goes double where the military is involved. At least when these people are talking about America they content themselves with sneering and borderline racism. When it comes to stuff painted green, they're not only proudly ignorant, they actually think they're so super smart that they know better than the troops themselves.

Consider the incident with a bunker. A sergeant sees an enemy position but Tristan knows better. Hmmmm.... that's a toughey: who to believe ? A veteran NCO or a snivelling little mangina who pretends to be wounded so he can sneak off on a medevac chopper? Besides - if suppressive fire was that important, they'd have taught it at Oxford, right?

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