Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Have Aways Been At War With Eastasia

Hey, you can't accuse the BBC of just plain refusing to report suspicions about the crime figures. Nope, BBC's Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton actively mislead the public on this issue.

That might sound harsh, but consider that when that article was written, informed citizens could hardly not have been aware that something was going on, yet Mark Easton, BBC Home Affairs Editor and certified better-than-you, refused to engage with the substance of any of these charges. It's all bluster and airy dismissal, as if the mere fact the BBC disagrees with these charges is proof enough that they're bogus. Indeed, if you wanted a textbook example of how the BBC's bloated status encourages it to try and dictate the news agenda, this would be it.

Doubtless, if it hadn't all gone horribly wrong, the BBC would still be claiming that the crime figures were fine even today. Meanwhile, the people who did warn of these problems, who were sneered at by the likes of Easton - right up until they were proven right - will still be idiots and hacks the next time they blow the whistle.

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