Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blowback Express Now Arriving At Platform Two...

Y'know I can see some kind of contrast here:
Tube workers Vic Cooney and Carlos Rozza, whom Mr Jean-Marie had accused of taunting him with jokes about biting the heads off black jelly babies at Caledonian Road station, were suspended and subjected to a fierce interrogation 'like something from the Sweeney'.

The two men were prosecuted for racially aggravated harassment but were cleared by a crown court jury in November 2006.

London Underground later agreed to pay Mr Jean-Marie £125,000 in an out-of-court settlement.
Mr Mahoney, who has 25 years' service and led 500 passengers off a train along the tracks to safety after the 7 July bombings, said his allegations of bullying against co-worker Daniel Jean-Marie were not acted upon because he was white.

Mr Jean-Marie was not suspended and never properly questioned about Mr Mahoney's claims...

Mr Mahoney, who was not directly involved in the 'Jellygate' affair, told Watford employment tribunal of an incident during the criminal trial when Mr Jean-Marie burst into his office and started taking photographs of him, which he feared would be used to smear him as a racist.

The Irishman said: 'I was very shaken. I felt it was to intimidate me and I became very concerned about my personal safety and that of my family.'

But managers did little to protect him and victimised him for making the complain.
But wait... I thought only whites could be racist?

Not that the tide has totally turned though. £125 000 vs £6000? I guess the jelly babies must have pushed it over the top.

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