Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And They Hit An Afghan Wedding Party Too

I've never been one of those conservatives who accused liberals of throwing their hand in with the forces of evil after September 11.

Nope, liberals were supporting anti-western vermin long before then. Hey, there is literally no one liberals won't pretend to believe if it means they can slag off the west.

At risk of stating the obvious, the whole liberal cult's account of history only makes sense if you believe the evidence supplied by Goebbells. To put it another way, liberals claimed it was perfectly credible that a single raid killed ten times more people than every air raid on Britain during the entire war, one thousand times as many as killed by the thousand bomber raid on Cologne and even twice as many people as were killed in both atomic strikes on Japan. These claims struck liberals as eminently possible.

Again, to hammer the point home: in any other context liberals are obsessive Hitler-spotters, ever ready to see Nazi overtones in any statement by a conservative. It turns out that the only thing that isn't 'just like something out of Nazi Germany' is a myth dreamt up by Hitler's propaganda ministry. Ditto, while conservatives are supposed to not discuss immigration, crime and pretty much everything else for fear of encouraging those elusive 'right-wing extremists', liberals are fine with propagating a lie used by actual Nazis to spread the myth of German victimhood.

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