Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Talibin Story Evah?

It's for the polar bears!
Last week it was the turn of Frank Hughes, who runs a small scaffolding hire company. The inspector asked him how he disposes of his waste.

Frank said he doesn't. He explained that scaffolding is a relatively simple business which doesn't generate waste.

But you must eat lunch, the inspector retaliated. I bring sandwiches, Frank told him. And before you ask, I take the wrapping home with me.

In which case, you're breaking the law, the jobsworth informed him. Sandwich wrappings are classified as industrial waste within the meaning of the Act. You need a licence to dispose of them.

And since you don't have one, you are committing a criminal offence. Frank would be hearing from the litigation department in connection with this heinous crime and could expect a minimum fine of £300.
Like I keep saying, if liberals ever deny the existence of vampires, start sharpening the fence posts. Liberals have spent years denying that this sort of thing happens, but here it is. Now suddenly it turns out they were lying just like us loonies always said they were.

Ditto, I'm sure the local authority will generously drop the case (now they've been exposed) but I'm equally sure that no one will lose their job over this. Let's stop the tape here: these people tried to extract money out of someone on bogus grounds. Isn't that kind of illegal? Equally, even if it doesn't rise to the level of a felony, shouldn't people who claim they can our spend our money better than us be setting the bar just a little higher than 'not technically breaking the law'?

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