Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Culture War: Why It Matters

I was as appalled as anyone by this case, but the real kicker is in the comments, where we find out that the Magistrate in question was this guy:
Tony Pomeroy is a magistrate member of the Board. He was appointed a magistrate in 1984 on the former Canterbury Bench and is now on the East Kent Bench. For some years he was a member of the Bench Training and Development Committee dealing with appraisals. He sits on Employment Tribunals and on the Independent Schools Admission Panel. He was a former member of the Kent Probation Board, the Social Security and Child Support Appeals Panels, Board of Visitors of Canterbury Prison and Consumer Council for Water. He is a school governor and for some years an advisor at the local Citizen Advice Bureau. He retired from a career as a pharmaceutical research chemist.
Hmmmm.... I thought these guys were all about having a judiciary that 'looks like Britain'. Apparently, you can never have too many QUANGO prince liberal kooks.

However important you think it is for magistrates to be 'representative' of the community ('not very' in my case), they surely should represent the community, in the sense of upholding the values of the public, as codified in law. Pomeroy and the rest of these Trojan leftists don't do that. Instead they hijack the courts and conscript anyone who comes before them as sock puppets in their little agitprop theatre productions.

This is the elephant on the table that the Nu Tories just won't address. For the sake of their slippery argument, let's take their propaganda at face value and pretend Cameron really is this century's Churchill: it still wouldn't matter. Current Tory policy is all top down. They can do what they want in Parliament, but as long as the actual business of the state is carried out by activist loonies like Pomeroy nothing will really change.

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