Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Liberal + Truth Serum = Firestorm

People fall into three groups: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what the hell happened.

As far as the fire-storm over the Archbishop of Canterbury's remarks on Sharia go, I definitely in Group III. That's not to say that I don't think his remarks were insane, just that they're just the same ol' insania. Nothing the Bish came out wasn't the logical - well, liberal anyway - extension of standard multicultural doctrines.

It's not even an Islam thing. At least as far back as the post-1981 riots era, multiculti sensitivity has been the thing. We've had a quarter century of PC Plod turning a blind eye to folks driving round with signs saying 'Road Tax Applied For In Jamaica' (and there's even a religious angle here, at least as far as it involves a certain Rasta meditation aid). And that's how the black community became the success story it is today.

Ditto, unusual though it is for a liberal to come straight out and denounce the concept of equality under law, it is the natural outgrowth of the obsession with 'diversity' in the justice system. After all, what else can all this talk of 'different viewpoints' mean, other than differing interpretations of the law depending on who gets to do the interpreting ?

Actually, that was the Archbishop's only real sin: stating liberal doctrine clearly. Liberals keep yammering about right-wing extremists, but it's not the right that has to constantly dissemble about what it really believes.

More to the point, right now, with the RoPers dialling down the insanity, 40% of them will still admit to an inquisitive Infidel stranger that they think Sharia should be imposed in Britain (real figure: who knows what ?) Add in the fact that the second most popular name for a newborn boy in Britain is Mohammed and yes, we're already on the road to Sharia.

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