Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Liberal Non-Moralising

It's says a lot about the left's vulcan death grip on our culture that they can get away with accusing conservatives of moralising. At least when the right 'moralises' it's about something that really is socially destructive, like the breakdown of the family. With liberals it's the other way round, the serious stuff they don't mind, but they're ready to wage war to rid the world of the scourge of bottled water.

It's not even just the humbug inherent in leftists using phrases like 'morally unacceptable'. The somewhat Orwellian-sounding natural resources commissioner announces that the government should campaign against bottled water. Huh ? Shouldn't they learn to 'move on' and 'embrace modern Britain' ? Maybe public morality isn't some free-floating phenomenon like the weather, after all ?

Whatever the answer is, it's nice to see that our state broadcaster has coincidentally just aired a program on this very same topic. What are the odds, hey ?

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