Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will The Real K W Best Please Stand Up ?

Hey, the Immigration Advisory Service has called for government to allow in thousands of immigrants from Bangladesh to ease a supposed staff shortage in the curry industry.


I guess they're serving the meals Britons just won't serve, right ? Either that or the definition of 'skilled immigrant' isn't what it sounds like. But no, get this:
It argues that attempts to get eastern Europeans to work in curry restaurants have failed because they do not have the "cultural sensitivity" required.
Not only have the open borders lobby has spent years rubbishing all talk of 'culture' as a right wing plot, the whole open borders position relies on the idea that a Somalian militia man arriving in Britain will immediately turn into a model citizen. As I understand the state of play, you can't put just anyone in a kitchen, but there's no one who isn't qualified to live in Britain.

Needless to say, every other day of the week we're bombarded with terrible stories of the social exclusion of Muslims by racists whites (who never seem to target Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians or Pakistani Christians). So which is it ? Labour shortage or mass unemployment ?

Don't expect the BBC to ask. Hell, they won't even point that, quasi-official name to the contrary, the 'Immigration Advisory Service' is not a public body, it's hard left open borders lobby group, run by convicted fraudster Keith Best. When are we going to do anything about the national shortage of journalists ?

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