Friday, February 22, 2008

Liberal Smear Flames Out

See how restrained I've been not mentioning this guy ?
Kazmierczak, 27, who police said shot 21 people before shooting and killing himself, was an award-winning sociology student and a leader of a campus criminal justice group, according to school Web sites....

One of Kazmierczak's advisers said that she enjoyed having him as a student and that he was "a nice person; he was a nice kid."

"I found Steven to be a very committed student, extremely respectful of me as an instructor and adviser," said Jan Carter-Black, an assistant professor in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's School of Social Work

In 2006, Kazmierczak was a student at Northern Illinois, police said, where he worked on a graduate paper that described his interest in "corrections, political violence, and peace and social justice."
Well, technically speaking, he was interested in violence.

But no: it would be a cheap shot - as it were - to claim this proves that liberals' emphasis on hysterical denunciation of opponents and deranged conspiracy theories make these people more likely to engage in violence.

On the other hand, the left doesn't feel the same way about us - all of which brings me onto the question of the moment: Laban Tall, blogger or leader of a crazed arson cult ?

I'm guessing most folks are already up to speed on this, so all I have to say is that even by leftist standards it's impressive to have a smear which manages to combine lunacy, sleaze and outright humbuggery.

The first, and most important, point is that the narrative of 'brutal right-wing thugs attacking leftists' was a fraud right from the start. Plenty of these 'far right' atrocity stories sound bogus, but now we have proof this is a fraud, since we know exactly whodunnit. There couldn't have been any evidence that the 'right' was involved - we know who really set that fire - but the left tried to push the 'right-wing extremism' line anyway.

Hey, you can push Occam's razor too far, but when a centre catering to mentally-ill, drug-addicted criminals with convictions for arson gets torched, an honest observer does not normally leap to the conclusion that the aforementioned centre was the target of crazed extremists.

That's the second point: Laban's supposed extremism consisted of noting another case of leftist astroturfing. Of course it must be kind of embarrassing for those who claim to represent The People when the only people who'll speak up for them turn out to be on the payroll, but that doesn't make pointing that out extreme. Ditto, the public sector is meant to something other than a means for liberals to take in each other's washing (an AIDS centre with an 'artist in residence' - did they get confused about the whole 'drawing blood' thing ?)

Then there's the fact that the self-same liberals who claimed to deplore Laban's dreadful tactic of pointing out that liberal activists were pretending to be ordinary guys in the street, were also the only people in this story who really did use threatening language. Take the constant obsession with 'outing' Laban - presumably not so they could buy him lunch.

In other words, leftists lyingly tried to cast an isolated incident of public lunacy as an attack by the VRWC, and use this as an excuse to provoke violence against an innocent member of the public whose sole crime was to point out the left's tactic of trying to pass off hard left activists as ordinary members of the public.

These people are telling us who they are. Forget all the pious moralising about the horrors of life in the United KKKingdom, what really hashes their mellow is someone questioning their right to use the government as an ATM. Even then, it turns out the only way they can cobble together even a minimally plausible 'far right' atrocity story is to invite Archie the Arsonist round for tea and biscuits and unleaded.

The always-behind-the-curve MSM may still refer to Searchlight and their fellow thugs as 'anti-fascist', but here's their 'anti-fascism' in full flower: barmaids in Blackburn should be forced to pay to support their lifestyle, and if you don't like it, they'll try and hunt you down and kick your head in. Now why would anyone connect that world view to a propensity for violence ?

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