Sunday, February 17, 2008

The BBC: Sketchy Reporting

This report from the BBC has to be read to be believed. If dhimmitude was water, central London would be flooded right about now. Check out the opening lines:
Hundreds of Danish Muslims have been demonstrating in Copenhagen against the reprinting of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad they consider offensive.

The cartoon depicts the Prophet with a bomb in his turban.

All major Danish newspapers decided to republish it after Danish intelligence said it had uncovered a plot to kill one of the cartoonists.
'Republish it' ? 'One of the cartoonists' ? Just how many cartoonists does it take to draw a cartoon ? But wait... I've just checked. Turns out there were twelve cartoons after all, and yes, the Islamopaths hated all of them, even the one with Mo as a little stick man. It's not about particular content, these people claim an omnibus right to censor any output from Infidels. It's kind of subtly hinted at in slogans like this:
Protesters marched in the capital's streets shouting "God is Great!" and "Freedom of speech is like a plague!".
No mention of bombs in turbans there. Then again....
Many carried the black and white flags of Hizb ut-Tahrir - the radical Islamic party that calls for the creation of a caliphate.
Yep, these guys. Well, y'know, if the cartoons can get even folks as chilled out as these guys all het up, well, they must be offensive.

You are reminded that we're talking about a BBC report here - the organisation that, without fail, labels everyone vaguely right of centre as 'conservative'. Isn't the fact that the driving force behind the alleged 'cartoons' protest is a group of off-the-scale Islamofascists also relevant ?
Earlier, at Friday prayers, Danish Muslims from many backgrounds expressed frustration that one of the cartoons they find so offensive could have been printed again.
'Frustration' ? Anything else ? Any other reaction ?
Many said they simply could not understand the motive unless it was hatred for Islam.
They must have been reading the BBC then (except, what with all those banners mentioning 'freedom of speech', it seems like they have grasped the issue after all).
But the overwhelming mood was not so much anger but weary resignation; a sense that they have been through this crisis once before and nothing has been learnt.
Yes, indeed. Those pesky Danes just won't learn their lesson, and submit to life as dhimmis. Somehow, the word 'implied' is not strong enough to capture the full weight of just how crudely the BBC is trying to suggest that cringing surrender is the enlightened position. Ditto, this bit:
Some Danish Muslims said they felt the problem was not the Danish people who were, if not well informed about Islam, at least generally liberal.
Hmmm... is there any evidence of a correlation between knowing the ins and outs of murdering Mo's death cult, and being pro-Islamic ? Or maybe the BBC's finally come out of the closet and admitted that snivelling absement is the default position of the 'generally liberal' ?
Instead, they pointed the finger of blame at the Danish media, saying it had stirred controversy instead of trying to help mend community relations
File that under true confessions: our state broadcaster thinks the role of the media in a democratic society is to 'mend community relations'. That explains a lot.
On Tuesday, Denmark's Security and Intelligence Service said it had uncovered a plot by three Muslims in Denmark to kill one of the cartoonists.
I'm guessing the BBC was this close to accusing the Security and Intelligence Service of being in on this plot to stir controversy.
Two of the men, who are not Danish citizens, are due to be expelled to Tunisia rather than put on trial.

Many Danish Muslims criticised this decision, saying it would be better to examine the evidence and punish the men if they were really guilty.
Say, how come these moderate Muslims keep siding with murderous lunatics ? Don't expect the BBC to tell us. Ditto, don't hold your breath waiting to hear from any Danes - that's the end of the article.

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