Monday, February 11, 2008

That Don't Smell Like Smoke....

Say, does anyone know if there was some kind of fire over the weekend ? Maybe in London or something ?

Yes, indeed. Whatever the BBC's deficiencies, they're certainly well-covered on the vital 'Camden Market' beat. By the time News 24 rolled into it's seventeenth hour of coverage I was starting to detect a certain humbuggery.

If we must listen to the MSM in general, and the BBC in particular, keep yapping on about diversity, could they at least acknowledge that no one outside the M25, and probably few enough inside, actually give a toss what happens to some pretentious tat emporium ?

Here we have a chance - away from the hot button politics issues - to see what's really wrong with the MSM. The wall-to-wall coverage of a purely local story is symptomatic of the MSM's faults. There's the self-obsession, the desire to dictate the news agenda, the lack of anyone around to say 'hey, no one in Leeds cares about this stuff'. That's the central charge against the MSM, not the political bias, it's that they're just plain incompetent at their basic mission of reporting the news in the first place. Well, the news outside the M25 anyway.

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