Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks For Nothing

At first sight, it looks like at least one Beeboid has swapped coke for sodium penthol, but there's less here than it appears.

Let's pass over the slippery attempt to inject a racial element by referring to the natives as 'whites', and just think about the fact the British Broadcasting Corporation is giving British people the 'Gorillas In The Mist' treatment.

Here's one of the BBC's most annoying examples of double-dipping - if there's nothing particularly special about British culture, why have a compulsory licence fee for a British Broadcasting Corporation ? Why not just outsource the whole thing ?

Of course, this wouldn't be so bad if there was any evidence that the BBC was honestly interested in taking on board what it's critics say but, well, y'know...
[Richard Klein's] latest comments come ahead of a season of BBC2 programmes under the banner White, which he is overseeing and which he believes can play a part in easing the anxieties of that section of the community.
I'll take a shot in the dark that no Beeboid in history has ever talked of 'easing the anxieties' of 'the Islamic communidee'. Nope, no claim of 'Islamophobia' is too stupid for the BBC not to gobble up, but when it comes to white trash, it's all in their heads.

Besides, you know these people are too STOOPID to know what's really going on:
[Native Britons] are torn. They are reacting as human beings would do, to situations they don't quite understand.
Patronising, much ?

Still, by liberal standards Klein is going light on the looney. Check this out:
The season has already provoked controversy, with politicians and race campaigners claiming the BBC should not be singling out ethnic groups.
Yep - if there's one thing libs can't stand, it's the BBC singling out ethic groups.

Ditto, this:
There are fears from some that it will play into the hands of Right-wing groups like the BNP, by portraying white people as victims. One of the programmes, All White In Barking, will focus on a BNP activist.
This is so not the time for libs to be complaining about the BBC's relations with extremists. At least no one got blown up this time.

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