Sunday, February 17, 2008


Mark Steyn points out the essentially bogus nature of liberal tolerance. The left's support for multiculturalism is predicated on the idea that everyone else in the world is just like them, but with funny hats.

As Steyn says, our supposedly crude and imperialist ancestors at least did the locals the courtesy of learning about their actual culture. Meanwhile, liberals can only understand those pesky foreigners through the prism of their own preconceptions - which is how we end up with Senator Patty Murray praising Bin Laden's sterling work building day care centres for all those women busy juggling family and career under the Taliban.

In other words, liberal multiculturalism is actually kind of monocultural. Liberals simply can't analyse the outside world as anything other than an extension of their own parochial obsessions - as perfectly exemplified by Michael Moore's peevish complaint that the Sep 11 hijackers attacked blue states instead of red ones. Moore really can't see the war with Islamofascists as anything other than America's internal struggles writ large. Besides, who even believes in all that 'religion' stuff these days anyway ?

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