Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who They Are

So now we know. All the time the Left was trying to prove that the spontaneous expression of disgust with Islamic intimidation of the press was all a dark conspiracy, the protests from the famous 'Islamic street' were as genuine as a £7 note. Yep, an Egyptian paper carried the cartoons in November (during Ramadan!) with nary a word being said. Not that you'd know this if you were dependent on the MSM. Then again, there's a lot of things the MSM have forgot to report about the Cartoon Jihad.

After all, the MSM won't even tell the truth about why the cartoons were drawn in the first place. To listen to, say, the BBC, you could think this is a Viking version of Piss Christ, except really nasty and evil instead of challenging and transgressive. Nope - the cartoons were produced as part of a feature on the effects of Islamic intimidation on press freedom. Note too how the BBC forget to cover the role of Danish Imams in stirring up anti-Danish feelings, even while carrying quotes from the self-same Islamopaths.

Come to think of it, there a certain lack of backstory in the coverage of virtually all the Islamopaths being given a PR boost by the BBC. Of course, 'gotcha' journalism can go too far. Pre-Cameron, the BBC especially wouldn't carry a Conservative MP saying he liked dogs without trawling through the archives to find a shot of him with a cat, but this is ridiculous. Consider, for example, the promotion of Faiz Siddiqi as a proverbial 'voice of reason'. Scott B has the goods on him. Yes, that Scott, the one who spends his time indoors, at least according to the Guardian. Who knows what that's meant to mean, but let's flip the usual anti-blogger charge around: the MSM keep telling us about their multiple layers of fact-checking, their huge resources, their armies of contacts, so how come you keep having to go to bloggers for the full story ?

Hey - this isn't about bias, or necessarily about bias anyway. Here's the biggest story in the last couple of weeks, and MSM may as well stand for 'Masses of Stuff Missing'. Let's abstract away from the specific issue, and consider whether this was good journalism. Seriously, these folks keep babbling on about their role as High Priests of the Church of Journalism, but look at their performance: context missing, gullibility when dealing with one side, near paranoia when dealing with the other, extremists not only given house room, but presented as moderates....You almost hope it's bias, rather than believe that these folk actually think this is how journalism should be done.

Still, don’t get the idea that I’m disappointed in the MSM coverage of the Cartoon Jihad – I’m actually delighted. Most of the time media bias is subtle, a matter of shading and nuance. The Carton Jihad threw that out of the window. With peace-loving Islamopaths demanding the death sentence for inappropriate use of an easel, the media had to go to afterburner. Now, the omissions have been too numerous, the good dog/bad dog labelling too blatant, for anyone to deny the reality of media bias. Print the cartoons ? The MSM can’t bring themselves to print the news.

That’s the thing right there, that’s what the Danes have really done for us. They’ve flushed out the enemy. The MSM can bang on all they want about the ‘Religion of Peace’ but we’ve seen the true nature of the Islamopath. The Cartoon Jihad wasn’t a natural phenomenon; it was simply an excuse for the Islamopaths to indulge in yet another sociological land grab. Never mind that there’s no legal basis to a supposed ‘right not to be offended’, there’s was no genuine offence there anyway. This was a political, not a theological matter. If Islam was merely a set of creation myths, no one would care, but it isn’t. Islam is a bloodthirsty, expansionist ideology, and deserves to be treated exactly like we’d treat any other doctrine that celebrates mass slaughter, genocide, rape and slavery, amongst other delights.

So don’t criticise the lunatics parading around with banners calling for murder. At least they’re honest; they’re telling who they really are, and the MSM dhimmis explaining that the loons are using the word ‘behead’ ironically are telling us who they are too. So now we know just how far Islamopaths will got to spread their filthy ideology, and just how far the MSM will go to cover for them. Not a bad result from a few guys drawing pictures.

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