Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hooray For Us!

Gosh, the Cartoon Jihad – who saw that one coming ? Well, pretty much everyone on-line. Denizens of the blogosphere knew weeks ago about these events, but the MSM is still trying to present them as a bolt from the blue. Dhimmitude ? Blind incompetence ? Who cares ? The MSM keeps yapping about the blindingly obvious fact that no individual blogger can match the resources of a single MSM organisation. Well, yeah, but what are they doing with all this cash ? This is not about conspiracy theories; this is about the simple fact: the blogosphere did a much better job of covering the Cartoon Jihad than the MSM.

There’s a more sinister aspect to this. The BBC, dear ol’ Auntie, the sweet, old lady who’s ever so worried about showing anything which might damage social order, not only managed not to show the real cartoons in question, but also to show a fake cartoon showing Murdering Mo’ as a pig. Huh ?

I’ll take a wild shot in the dark here, and say that the Islamopaths weren’t trying to pass off the cartoon as genuine in order to calm the situation down, but the BBC still had no problem showing it. It was only when we got to the real cartoons – the ones that the Islamopaths didn’t conjure up – that Auntie decided she better not show them after all. Coincidence ?

So, dhimmitude at the BBC, but hang on – hasn’t the BBC being filling our screens all week with news of just how angrily angry the Islamopaths were ? Not sure why Liberals think telling us that morons are really angry means we’ll think they’re any less moronic, but anyway, the point is this: the BBC has been describing at great length exactly what kind of tinderbox the situation is, while they themselves have been down there scrapping away with the knife and flint.

All this raises plenty of questions about journalistic ethics, BBC bias and the like, but there is one in particular that stands above all others: wasn’t the BBC’s stated reason for the long-running fatwa on supposed ‘extreme right-wing’ (ie Conservative) commentators or topics supposedly justified by fear of causing social unrest ? Now Al-Beeb is running bogus Islampath propaganda (and no one’s been fired over it), we have to ask: just how do they define ‘inflammatory' ?

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