Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Use Than The Common European Lightbulb

Talk about never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Eurocrats spend years trying to dream up insane Frankenstein plans to create a common European culture, but when people across Europe come together to defend a genuinely common European value, the EU pitches in on the other side. How does that work ?

This is such a moral no-brainer that even dyed-in-the-wool Eurohaters like me have been impressed with the fighting spirit of the French - and I never thought I'd say that - but Brussels thinks the headchoppers have a case ? See, that's the thing. Whatever you think of the case for European union, the EU carries a whole lot of other baggage. Look at the EU Constitution for that, approximatly 2 billion pages full of every absurd idea Liberals have ever had but couldn't get through any genuinely democratic process. Brussels is Gramsci Central. The Cartoon Jihad has emphasised that there are some genuinely shared values in Europe, but the EU can't acknowledge that, since that would involve them discarding just about everything they've ever believed. That's quite an achievement actually - we don't even have a country called Europe yet, but the Liberals are already betraying it.

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