Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm Guessing The *Quick* Reaction Force Was Tied Up ?

I could almost stand the sudden upswing in demand for onions from the L3 every time a particular act of violence catches the nation's eye, if only their policies weren't the main cause of the mayhem in the first place. Take last week's events in Nottingham. The L3 professed to be shocked - shocked! - at the shooting of a PC. Here, we had a guy found robbing a house by a civilian then caught by a pair of PCs, one of whom he then shoots. Big story, except... it was like something was missing. For four days you would have had more luck trying to find a copy of Cherie Blair's client list than a description of the suspect. Finally, a description is released and the suspect is caught soon after. Coincidence ? Probably, but under what theory of law enforcement is it deemed advantageous not to reveal witness descriptions of a fugitive ? More to the point, how come this theory never applies when the suspect is a David Beckham lookalike ? No doubt the Libs would point to the infamous 'wider issues' - sure, but let's have less of the Princess Di act from people prepared to give a wannabe cop killer a break rather than upset the multiculti applecart.

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