Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Our Noble Allies

More love from the home of moderate Islam:
It is rabidly anti-American, and it is the biggest draw in town.

With a budget of $10m (£5.7m), Valley of the Wolves Iraq is the most expensive film ever made in Turkey - and it is pulling record crowds...

In one scene, trigger-happy US troops massacre civilians at a wedding party.

In another they firebomb a mosque during evening prayer. There are multiple summary executions.

And for the first time, the real-life abuses by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison are played out on the big screen.

Even the doctor - played by Gary Busey - is evil, removing human organs from Iraqi prisoners to send to patients in the US, Israel and Britain.
Needless to say, Al Beeb forgets to mention that the doctor is a 'friend of the Goldbergs', if you get my drift. Of course, that would kind of undercut the BBC's insane attempts to spin the hatred as being motivated by 'nationalism'. Yes, indeed, that's why they have a Jew doctor harvesting organs for Israelis, because they're nationalists. Huh ?

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