Monday, February 20, 2006

Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Dissemblng Dhimmi

It says a lot about the MSM that they moralise constantly about the need for more transparency in public life, but when they’re under fire they make the mafia look like a model of openness. Consider events surrounding the BBC’s awful series ‘Spooks’

After The Sun ran a story about the BBC censoring an episode of ‘Spooks’, the BBC rushed out a statement that’s a masterpiece of sleazy evasiveness. Actually, even without the censorship, the case is still pretty bizarre. After spending approximately 250 million episodes avoiding any mention of the War on Terror (and this in a series about MI-5), the BBC has decided to take the bull by the horns and face the issue of crazed fundamentalist terrorism head-on. Yes, they’re doing an episode featuring a crazed Christian fundamentalist who runs round killing Islamopaths. And this is the part they admit to. I guess this is what they mean when they say the stories ‘reflect modern life’. I understand future episodes will feature a group of scientists bombing animal right activists, gangs of old ladies mugging smackheads and a right-wing media organisation that extorts money from the public to produce ludicrous propaganda.

So far, so dhimmi, except The Sun reported an amusing twist. Apparently, the Islamopaths aren’t all au fait with the demands of victimhood culture. The thought of someone depicting the shooting of an Islamopath was enough to drive them to….send a strongly-worded letter of protest.

Just kidding!

How’s that for a morality tale for our times ? The BBC tries to draw an insane equivalence between Christians and Islamopaths, so the Islamopaths threaten murder. See, they’re exactly like Christians!

The only surprising thing about the whole story is that the BBC immediately denied spiking the episode in a statement that manages to convey absolutely no other useful information. Were threats received ? Did the BBC consider spiking the episode – and when did they decide against ? Who decided ? And how will future policy reflect these events ?

That’s the bottom line here. Much though the BBC tries to conceal it; that was the why the Motoons were first posted: to demonstrate the endemic nature of self-censorship when the media deals with Islamopathy. Now we have reports that the BBC considered spiking a programme due to threats from Islamopaths. We deserve better than weaselly-statements. Maybe the BBC deserves credit for airing this episode – though none at all for making it - but it’s clear that the BBC is still the Dhimmi Broadcasting Corporation.

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