Monday, February 27, 2006

Cartoon Jihad Exposes Cartoon Leader

I’m guessing the honeymoon is over for Prince David. The latest polls are in, and the Tories are melting….melting. Not coincidentally, voters list ‘defence/foreign affairs/terrorism’ as their most important issues.

But, of course. Islamic fundamentalism is the perfect rebuttal to everything Opus Dave believe about politics. Cameron, like Blair before him, is an essentially post-modern politician, obsessed with questions of image and perception, more than facts. But while Blairism retains the putrid remains of at least some basic idealism, Cameron takes it one step further. Listen to Opus Dave talk about committed Conservatives and you realise these people not only lack any beliefs of their own; they positively hate the whole concept of idealism itself. Actual beliefs are so twentieth century, ironic detachment is the thing these days. Everything is negotiable, all considerations are tactical and expediency is the only principle.

Now, consider this comment from a former leader of Hezbollah “We are not fighting so that you will offer us something, we are fighting to eliminate you.". Say what you like about the Islamopaths, but you can’t accuse them of burying the lede. A bus bombing demands a more serious response than spin and photo ops. But does anyone expect that from David Cameron, a guy who needs to check the polls before deciding whether or not to wear a tie today ? On the one hand, we have people who’ll kill themselves just to nail Infidels, on the other, people who live in fear of a critical story on Newsbite.

The War perfectly criticises the difference between politics and leadership. That Cameron is effective at the first may be all well and good, but would anyone feel safe with him in Number 10 ?

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