Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Return Of The VRWC Again II

You know what the most ironic thing about the Cartoon Jihad is ? For at least forty years, just about any union thug, activist scumbag or full-on terrorist has been able to rely on Liberals to romanticise their psychotic behaviour behind a cloud of blather about 'popular uprisings' and the like. Now, we have people across the world spontaneously coming together to assert their right to freedom, and the L3 are busily defaming them.

Take the insane obsession with proving that the whole thing is the result of a cunning plan by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The lunatics going on the rampage outside G8 summits are the true voice of the people, but folks across three continents standing up to Islamofascism ? That's got to be a dark conspiracy.

Of course, there's a certain grim humour in seeing the people with Che T-shirts in the wardrobe explain that they agree with the basic principle but they think these folks are going too far. Mass executions, yes. Publishing cartoons, now hold on a minute...

This seems to be a common theme. The L3 keep wittering on about how their favourite artists are 'dangerous' and 'transgressive', well, the editor of a publication that carries these cartoons is in a hell of a lot more danger than any prat making scultures out of his nose hair or whatever, but no, suddenly the L3 have found their inner Mary Whitehouse.

Liberals have spent years fantasising about smashing the system, man, but now Europe is convulsed by widespread, spontaneous resistance to a brutal, fascist ideology, the Left is foursquare behind the thugs. Yep - they've been waiting years for a revolution, and they've still managed to miss it.

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