Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Girl In The Cafe Gets Thrown Under A Bus

Just so you know what £3 billion a year gets you, first item on Newsnight tonight was a long item about corruption in Kenya. On the Clapham Omnibus, they rarely talk of anything else. I mean, yada, yada, yada, standard disclaimer follows, yes, it is an important issue, but first item on the BBC's flagship news show ? It just looks like they've got something to hide. I guess if the Cartoon Jihad goes on much longer, we'll be seeing items about how the Internet is affecting life in the Amazon, the jazz scene in Bangkok and the latest trends in reindeer farming.

The dhimmitude is one thing, but the chutzpah is positively olympic standard. So, the BBC has discovered that huge chunks of foreign aid never reach those who need it. Really ? You'd think someone would have said.

But wait...

That's exactly what the Right has been saying for years. So who was cheerleading a policy of throwing money at Africa without a clue as to what actually happened to it ? Well, Liberals in general and the BBC in particular. Consider the reverent coverage given to Live 8 aka the most important thing ever. Hey, they even made a nice little play about how everything would be great if only we just held hands. But suddenly, there's a danger of them having to report news that reflects badly on the Islamopaths, and - kablooey! the poor, retarded lass is a goner. Guess it's true about Liberals - you can cut a deal with them, but don't expect them to call you in the morning.

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