Wednesday, January 12, 2005

World's Worst Weviewer

So now we know: last night BBC viewers will have seen Jonathan Ross, the reification of the concept of being famous for being famous, reviewing Team America and concluding that it was a satire on Neoconservatism. Also, it mocks the paranoia of the American right.

Say what ?

Apart from anything else, if that were true then the final speech at the UN makes no sense. But, of course, it isn't true. Parker and Stone are hip, funny and cool - ergo, they can't possibly be on the same side as the BushChimpler, and anyone says they are...why, the L3 will stick their fingers in their ears and sing loudly.

Having being proved wrong on virtually every issue of importance in the last thirty years, the L3 are forced to rely more and more on a single line of argument: the Right is old, ugly and boring. Yet there's a problem with this line of attack: no one wears bowler hats anymore, the last few aristocrats survive mainly as the butt of humour on reality TV shows and the latest Who's Who includes an entry for Nicole Kidman. These days, the true subversives are the ones who mock Michael Moore and his ilk, while there are few better examples of a smug, bloated, complacent bastion of the establshment than the BBC, of which Mr Ross is such a perfect poster boy.

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