Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sun Rises In East

So, after an extensive investigation by Lord Goldsmith, it has been determined that the law on self-defence is just ducky.

I know, I was as surprised ay anyone to find that a report by a Kool Aid drinking senior lawyer into whether the law has sheared off into Never-Never land produced a negative result. Apparently, the whole 'independent inquiries' thing has been blown out of proportion. We really need judges to tell us whether Major Anderson should have requested more fire support while raiding a house in Basra. Ditto, without m'learned friends how would we ever know whether Dr Jones should have dealt with the chest wound before the head injury ? But, when it comes to the law, if they're happy so should we be.

Apparently, we're all just deluded. They're going to educate us again. Of course, some of the more fascistic elements will point out that the problem is not only what the law says, but how it's interpreted - given that one of the country's top law officers has just told the public they're hallucinating, I don't expect progress on this front anytime soon. But even that's not it. The problem with the law is that it treats crime as a part of society, rather than aa a renunciation of it. Here's the truth: when a householder awakens at 4 AM to find his family home is under attack by a gang of savages, that's not 'one of them things', that's a complete breakdown of the social contract. Big Government has failed him, and should therefore kindly STFU until he has saved his family from their incompetence.

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