Monday, January 17, 2005

As Opposed To What Exactly ?

Contary to expectations, it appears there are limits to PC outrage, after all. The BBC must have fired off all its ammo at Prince Harry, so now they're being forced to give floor-crossing weasel Robert Jackson a pass. That is the reason, right ?

After all, it's not as if you need to be Fox Mulder for this case to start twitching the ol' antenna. Melanie P points out a few highlights from Jumping Jack's CV. Given all that, we are surely justified in raising a few eyebrows over Jackson's comment that he's pleased to have a Christian PM. Why ? So that we have at least one day a week when he isn't screwing up the country ? Or is it his tasteful Christmas cards that do it for Jacko ?

In the light of the Prince Harry debacle it's almost as if the L3 are taunting us: look what you can get away with if you're one of us! Still, on this single issue, I agree with the republicans. As they said about Prince Harry, let them carry on behaving that way - it just makes the case for abolition ever stronger.

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