Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thugs R Us

While the Beeb is justifiably famous for it's sterling work helping to promote global terrorism, we shouldn't forget its everday, bread and butter work of helping to promote domestic thuggery. Take this report, for example.

A group of fanatical ecothugs decide to disguise themselves as public servants. in order to, at the least, harass people who are a) disproportionatly likely to be female b) certain to have young kids in their veichle, and the Beeb wets itself. Never mid the disgraceful whitewashing of these scumbags as 'activists', what other conclusion is there to draw from phraseology such as 'Drivers at a junction in Belsize Park, north London, were stopped in their tracks by members of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s.'. Yes, indeed. Can anyone - anyone - imagine the Beeb reporting gleefully that 'asylum seekers were stopped in their tracks by members of the BNP' ? Not in this lifetime, and rightly so, yet when the thugs have the right politics, then our friends in the BeebBubble decide what we really want our telly tax spent on is PR for a group of degenerate thugs.

But don't call it bias.

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