Friday, January 14, 2005

L3 Take Bold New Stance: Opposed To Hitler

If modern life proves one thing, it's that the Sixties didn't kill morality, it just caused it to mutate into ever weirder and more sanctimonious forms. Which brings me neatly on to the news that the country's favourite 'tard turned up at a fancy dress party in Nazi uniform. Needless to say, the media have gone ape. The Beeb was particularly upset, opening bulletins all day with this case. If there's one thing the Beeb can't stand, it's people exploiting the Nazis for humour. The press weren't much better, going ballistic in between filing puff pieces for 'The Producers'. Things could have been worse though - there was a rumour that Prince William also turned up wearing the uniform of a totalitarian dictatorship, but fortunately it turned out he was only dressed as a KGB officer, so that's OK then. Still, it's nice to see that the L3 able to take get at least one thing right: they're against Nazism. It's reassuring that sixty years after we win this war, the Left will come out and denounce Al-Quaida.

What today has thrown into sharp relief above all else is the absurdity of multiculturalism. Take, for example, the Harry haters featured at Don't Have Your Say. The main complaint is that it's offensive and…. well, actually, that's it. 'Offensive' - the modern day, catch-all, damning verdict. Let no man say that thirty years of near-monopoly control of our institutions has left the Left unable to argue. Of course, you can't have Liberals prattling about offensive behaviour without them also demanding that the offender carry an insane act of self-abasement. In this case the favoured form of retribution appears to be a trip to Auschwitz - it being axiomatic amongst the Left that failure to join them in their ostentatious moralising can only be the result of ignorance. Actually, Harry can commemorate genocide without leaving London. He can mark what was per-capita the greatest genocide on record by visiting Grosvenor Square, to show his gratitude to all those Liberals who protested there in 1968 in support of the US forces fighting to save Cambodia from the Khymer Rouge. That was what they were doing, right ?

So, you'll understand if I cast a somewhat jaundiced eye over the L3 moralising about mass murder. But, saith the L3, you can't possibly know. You're not Jewish, you can't understand what it all means. But what of blacks ? Surely you can make the same case over slavery ? After all, Britain really was involved in the slave trade. In fact, I hear a familiar whining sound in the distance. Yep - somebody's squawking about the 'pain of homophobia'. That's the thing. Everybody's got there something. Multiculturalism - in the broadest sense - not only divides people into mutually squabbling groups, but it encourages an arms race of victimhood, with each group competing to mau-mau the most privileges out of everyone else.

This sort of thing is absurd at the best of times, but hearing - as we have today - that Britain is actually a seething hot bed of anti-Semitism really takes the cake. What if we weren't so anti-Jew ? Would Michael Grade have got a really important job in the media ? Peter Mandelson might have survived two resignations and still got a top EU job. Tesco would be a big company, and so would M & S. Ben Elton might get the odd show on stage and Michael Howard would be a credible party leader.

Well, OK. That last one is maybe going too far. But today has proved the sheer shamelessness of the multiculti crowd. These people spend 364 days a year claiming that under-representation of Kenyans in the plumbing profession proves that Dynorod is just like the KKK, yet when presented with a victim group that's actually doing alright….. we're still all guilty. A vote of thanks too for the many members of the Jewish community who took the opportunity to wave the bloody shirt again. Of course, it is possible they were motivated by something other than ethnic self-interest, in which case it would be interesting to know how they react to the sort of attitudes revealed in this comments thread over at the animal house.I mean, I'm not setting the bar too high here. There's a thread of opinion in the Jewish community that supports the nuking of Europe, how do you feel about that ? This shouldn't be a tough moral dilemma. After all, an airburst over Headingley would really affect property values in Alwoodley, but no - the folks who need sedating when Prince Harry dresses like a prat don't have any actual opinions on whether their fellow countrymen should be turned into charcoal briquettes.

But that's the magic of multiculturalism. Ask not what you can do for your country, just bitch and whine about what your country has done to you.

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