Sunday, January 16, 2005

Damage Control

Here's hoping all the criticism doesn't drive Harry to try and appeal to Liberals with his next choice of costume. Think what could happen:
  • Dressing as popular 'agrarian reformer' Osama Bin Laden leads to Harry being mistaken for Aaron Barschak.

  • Harry attempts to disguise himself as a High Court Judge, but can't manage the right degree of haughty arrogance and contempt for the public.

  • Harry tries to reach out to the Jewish community by dressing as a famous Hebrew figure. Surprised to find that Pope is actually Catholic.

  • In an ironic hat tip to the race-hustling community, Harry tries to dress as Trevor Phillips, but doesn't have a large enough clothing budget.

  • The Gerry Adams look works fine except that a communication breakdown leads to Harry being made NI's First Minister.

  • Harry makes a surprisingly good Ozzy Osbourne, but can't manage the verbal fluency of the original.

  • The choice of a 'Count Dracula' costume draws further fire from Michael Howard.

  • Harry attempts the 'NUT member' look, but gets so into character that he stays home and calls in sick.

  • Harry gives up whole idea of fancy dress and instead concentrates on getting blasted, thereby ensuring he spends the night being mistaken for Charles Kennedy.

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