Monday, January 24, 2005

Another Return Of The Golden Age Again Part II

Laban Tall points out that the L3 are still claiming Conservatives are obsessed with a non-existant Golden Age. This from the people who blame Thatcher for everything, and then some. Listen to the average Liberal and you could be convinced that the only social problem we had in the Seventies was finding enough patients to fill all those hospital beds. Conservatives may do stupid things, but at least we've never had anything as flat-out weird as Liberals taking out onions over the kids cruelly deprived of the chance to follow their fathers down pit. Really - however awful the economic effects of pit closures were, you notice Metropolitan Liberal scum aren't taking up coal mining as a weekend hobby ?

There are at least as many L3 who think the years 1963-79 were an Earthly Utopia as Conservatives who think the Fifties were grand, but you'll notice Conservatives don't hail each other as iconoclastic heroes for pointing out that most of the population in the Seventies had cripplingly low aspirations. Yet this is pretty much where Liberalism is at these days. Thirty years of near-monopoly control has destroyed their ability to construct actual arguments, so instead they spend their time debunking stuff that no one believes anyway.

That's why it matters. For all the L3 jeering at supposed Conservative obsessions with a Golden Age, look who's really lying down in front of the bulldozers these days. NHS reform ? Remaking education ? If it's throwing money at the problem or pushing nihilistic garbage of the 'who needs chemistry anyway ?' type, Liberals are all for it, but actual, meaningful reforms ? Forget it! All the innovation is coming from one side of the spectrum, while the other is full of people patting themselves on the back for being daring enough to point out that there was a lot of poverty in the Fifties.

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