Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where's Lord Hoffman When You Need Him ?

Given that even the most L3 of media have decided that Robert Jackson MP isn't such a catch after all, I was going to let it go, but there are still some folks prepared to defend him. Of course, you shouldn't expect too much of a site amusingly named after a mass-murdering dictator, but still, that line of argument betrays what Mary Archer would call 'a talent for precis'.

Apparently, Wacko Jacko is being persecuted just 'cause he "supports the EU and defended the Palestinians in an Economist debate." Even from first principles, that explanation doesn't hold water. Jackson served under the not notably Europhile Lady T, while Conservative policy on the Palestinians is exactly the same as Labours. Then again, we do know a little more about Robert Jackson than that.

Take, for example, his statement that a Jew could not be considered a loyal British citizens unless he denounced Ariel Sharon. That's it right there: if your mother's maiden name was Goldblatt, then you're not necessarily a true Briton. No, rotten Robbie doesn't have any actual evidence of treason being committed by hook-nosed persons. Simply, the fact of having the wrong bloodline is grounds for suspicion.

As it happens, not too long ago the Left was partying like it was 1999. The High Court had ruled against detention of foreign terrorists in Belmarsh because they ruled it was illegal to discriminate against non-citizens. Well, here's comes Robert Jackson MP, he wants to discriminate against full British citizens even if they can trace their line back to the Protectorate, and for no better reason than their ancestory. What shall we call it, if not bigotry ?

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