Wednesday, January 12, 2005

MSM Pin-Up Boy

Further to the subject of the MSM coddling scum, Peter the C points out an epic case of scum worship by journalism's bright young thing Johann Hari. Hari not only comes out with every IRA talking point imaginable, but he specifically states that 'There were no Catholic representatives elected because of gerrymandering'

Say what ?

You can believe what you want about Ulster, but even a moment's thought shows this is absurd. No matter how you draw up the lines in, say, South Armagh, you aren't going to get a Loyalist majority. The point is, quite literally, nonsensical. To be sure, when tackled about this, Hari rows back later on (apparently, the AWARD WINNING JOURNALIST got his words mixed up - hey, it's not like he's a professional communicator or something, is it ?). Still, it throws an interesting light on the MSM's famous journalistic standards.

In so far as press freedom goes, using your position to pass on pro-terrorist propaganda is mightily close to the proverbial shouting fire in a crowded theatre. Even if we accept Hari's moronic explanation, we are still faced with a supposed star journalist who freely admits to not being able reality from terrorist talking points - and has no apparent inclination to try.

The irony is, of course, that Hari is above all else a whiny pusher of PC. In particular, Hari can't go more than 48 hours without waving the bloody (or possibly just pink) shirt of homophobia. We're supposed to believe that someone calling George Michael a fat queen is an outrage, yet Hari acting as a PR man for a gang of terrorist thugs, why, that's award-winning journalism.

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