Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wrong Number

Hmmmmm...sounds like Blunkett's been at the Gimmickomatic again. He's going to give out the mobile number for Mr Plod so he can spend two hours a day fielding calls asking why it takes so long for the Police to respond to crimes. PC DC will be pleased.

Mr Blunkett said he wanted "to go back to a time when I was very young, when you expected the police to be part of the community and the community to be part of policing and where people were joined together in partnership making it work".

Now, is that concentrated BS or what ? The whole thrust of Nu Lab policy has been to disengage the Police from the communities they serve. That's how we got landed with a current crop of police top brass who commute to work from a nearby universe. The whole concept of using policing as a form of social engineering, by definition, is based on the idea that the police exist to remake the community, that the police exist effectively as a colonial power, civilising these savages. It's a bit late for Nu Lab to start citing Dixon of Dock Green.

In passing, it needs to be noted that idea of a partnership between Police and community would tend to work a whole lot better if the Police didn't start yapping about vigilantism everytime someone successfully protects their family.

This being a Nu Lab policy, it's always best to look for the sting in the tail. Yep - here it is:

The plans also include the idea of allowing people join police forces at different levels rather than the traditional way of making everybody spend specific amounts of time as a constable before being promoted.

At least the current system means officers will have had to spend at least some time on Earth. Now, all bets are off. Of course, with Nu Lab no policy is complete without the obligatory race hustling:

There will also be "specific exercises" to encourage black and Asian people to join the police at senior ranks.

Yes, indeed. It's Chief Constable Abu Hamza, with Winston Silcott as his deputy. Splendid.

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