Monday, November 29, 2004

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Something Else!

How's this for a war cry ?

The Tories would not push ahead with introducing identity cards if elected, the shadow home secretary has suggested.

"England really hopes every man will give it a go."
David Davis said it was unlikely ID cards would feature on his party's manifesto if an election was called before government plans became law.

"I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I'm quite a bit stronger than you think."
On the day before the ID card bill is published, Mr Davis told Sky News he had serious misgivings about the plans and would scrutinise them carefully.

"They have sowed the wind, and they will be in for quite a bit of bad weather themselves."


The state wants to stamp free citizens like cattle, making free movement dependant on the whim of the state, and the Conservatives won't push ahead with it.

Gosh, Dave, do you think you're going a little too far ? You won't be able to go for a walk in the park without being interrogated by some knuckle-dragging government thugs, and David Davies has serious misgivings. Wait until they reveal the 'Summary Execution Act (2006)' - we might even get a 'deeply concerned'.

Honestly, they are quite useless. So that's really the question d'jour. What reason does anyone have to support the Conservative Party ? I mean, positive reasons to really support the party - 'the other lot are worse' doesn't count. I'm talking real, 100%, 'that's a great idea' policies.

Are there any ?

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