Monday, November 15, 2004

Treason Party Urges Withdrawl From Britain

Ginger McBlackout has a cunning plan. He calls it 'tough liberalism'. Yep - the Treason Party is going to ruthlessly grovel to criminals, it'll be an all-out surrender with no holds barred appeasement.

"The real, effective solutions to crime are liberal solutions - punishment and rehabilitation," he will continue.
"But action to tackle re-offending, or to guide those headed for a life of crime into lawful productive lives, is certainly not a soft option, in fact it is not an option at all.
"It is essential if we are going to reduce crime. That is tough liberalism."

Sounds terrifying.

As ever, check the dog that doesn't bark. After all, if the Treason Party really thinks crime can be defeated by love power and community healing sessions, won't they be looking to extend the program to City fraud and tax evasion ? Let's address the underlying causes of insider dealing.

But, no. You will never see share fiddlers being turned over to City community justice panels. All this talk of root causes, long-term plans and the like goes out the window when the question of tax skimming comes up. It's all just a front. It's not that the Left is being 'non-judgemental' in its dealings with scum, on the contrary, it has judged them and decided that mugging old ladies is nothing worth getting hot under the collar about, smackheads are just loveable scamps and joyriding is just the modern equivalent to scrumping apples.

That's the reality of what the Treason Party is proposing. It's a natural progression, of course. Once you've got through justifying their foreign policy, with Saddam being no worse than Bush who's as bad as Osama who's no worse than Blair, then explaining how child molesters are really just confused must be a cinch.

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