Monday, November 29, 2004


School Exam:

This guy was forced out and branded a nutball by the educational establshment. Let's see if Joe Public feels the same way (and if he does make a bundle, are any of his critics going to lose their jobs ?).


There's a natural tendency to feel sympatheric to those who've lost children - but some don't half push it.


Our alleged intellectual elite are surprised to find that detailing a geologist to talk to a candidate for thirty minutes is a lousy way to spot talent. To which I'd only add that it also gives an advantage to those whose backgrounds has equipped them with an excess of confidence and social skills over those from more humble origins, who may well be more talented.

If only there was some kind of objective measure of ability....


Labour MP Chris Bryant claims there were racist and homophobic taunts at a pro-hunting demonstration even though no one else supports his claim. You might think unsubstansiated claims from a partisan hack might be taken with a pinch of salt, but the World's Greatest Broadcaster thinks differently.


Nu Lab celebrate the upcoming Freedom of Information Act as only they know how.

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