Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Current Crisis

So, things are so bad that we need this, so we don't get one of these, except that at the same time the government is doing this.

It's a crisis, a huge crisis. Take a blow torch to the constitution, erect gallows in the town square, send off our elite police anti-terrorist officers to beast the Tristans... no, wait, that's not right. They can't be that s t o o p i d. Really ? Even them ? Admittedly, someone may nuke Leeds, but the real enemy are the toffs.

Is this not the perfect barometer of Nu Lab's unfitness for government ? A single issue which exposes both their obsessive desire to reduce the citizenry to neo-serfdom combined with the myopic inability to consider anything more profound than their own petty hatreds and obsessions. Here, after all, was the party which evaluated the world's worst terrorist attack as a good day to bury bad news. Labour will not make Britain more secure, on the contrary, their inability to consider security as anything other than a useful alibi for the acquisition of ever more power means Britain will continue to be virtually undefended. For all Blair's fancy rhectoric, the reality remains that in time of war, he's sending the terrorist hunters to hide outside Otis Ferry's door.

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