Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dhimmis D'Jour

Excellent reflexive dhimmitude on show at the 'hideously white' BBC Six O'Clock News yesterday. There was a segment featuring a BBC reporter wandering around Tower Hamlets, reporting on life in the big city. At one point our man is walking down the road when he is stopped by a mob of Muslims who tell him he's entering 'Bangladesh' and there are no whites allowed down their road. Breaths were held across the country as viewers contemplated the possibility that the Beeb may actually be caught telling the truth about the Small Minority of Extremists setting up Islamic enclaves in British cities. Fortunatly, the reporter in question made sure to tell us on his V/O that he 'didn't feel threatened' by the mob. Doubtless, the Beeb will be similarly supportive of any small towns which object to Muslims moving in, providing they do it in a non-threatening way.

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