Monday, November 08, 2004

I Don't Remember Derek Hatton Blowing Up Anfield

Something I've said before, but is the media trying to have its cake and eat it over Iraq or what ? On the one hand, we have industrial size quantities of hand wringing over the possibility that during the expected-for-several-months assault on Fallujah some civilians might be killed. True, the 'insurgents' may dress in civilian clothes and deliberately set up in civilian occupied areas, but all civilian casualties are the Coalition's fault. All this insanity would be bad enough, but check out the media's reaction to this sort of thing. Huge bomb attack, many civilian casualties, must be the fault of the Coalition for not providing security.

Hey, it's bad enough to hear the Jihadis referred to as insurgents or militants but when the self-same twenty-first century Robin Hoods blow up a bus load of civilians, you start to detect a double-standard at work here. The media claims that when US forces fire on a sniper and kill a bloke in the next room, why, it proves the US Army is just the same as the Waffen SS. Yet, no amount of exploded school buses will result in the media using the T-word to describe the 'insurgents'. Why no bleeding heart soliloquies from the media class on whether the insurgents are doing enough to avoid civilian casualties ? Then again, to accuse the media of merely spinning for the terrorists is to let them off to lightly.

Terrorists set up a fire position in a densely-populated area. US forces return fire and civilians are killed. The media gives the terrorists a propaganda coup by citing another example of US thuggery. Does that make it more or less likely that the terrorists will try again, that more civilians will be killed ? And does the fact that no one in the mainstream media will allow this to deter them not indicate that the media needs no lessons from the Pentagon in contempt for the lives of civilians ?

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