Monday, November 08, 2004

Go For The Throat

Few things in life are more certain than that when Liberals talk of uniting the country and healing division, it means they've just been whupped in an election. Hearing this garbage from US Liberals is be bad enough, but hearing it from Britain's L3 community is enough to make a dog throw.

True, saith the L3, Dubya won the popular vote, the electoral college, an outright majority and the highest number of votes ever, but one can hardly call that a mandate. Like, hello ? Nu Lab have never come anywhere near that kind of dominance, but if Smirking Sebastian had stood in Downing St on the second of May 97 and announced that now was the Year Zero, who would really have been surprised (although, in fairness, it must be said that in the case of Nu Lab they're far more likely to force people out of the country and into the cities) ?

Blair it was who promised to destroy the forces of Conservatism - can you imagine if Dubya pledged to smash Liberalism ? Heads would be popping all over Islington. Consider that the flagship policy for Nu Lab this term has not been NHS reform, a welfare shake-up or a Concorde-type project. Nope - it's been waging war on the countryside. Say what you like about Republicans, but you'd struggle to find an incident of the type of foaming at the mouth lunacy that infects Nu Lab MPs when they talk about county folk, all of which, incidentally, is usually accompanied by some pious dribblings about democracy. Find me a right-wing equivalent of PC ? Or a right-wing opposite number to the 'No Conservatives Need Apply' Beeb ?

Nope - if scoring a massive 25% of the vote is enough to justify Blair's Kulture Kampf against anywhere with cows in it, then the L3 can STFU about Bush doing what he was elected to do.

But I bet they don't.

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