Sunday, November 21, 2004

Motes/Beams Foxes Beeb

The Spanish have become the latest people to find out that it's easy enough to get the L3 to whisper sweet nothings into your ear, but they won't respect you in the morning. The bull botherors were the toast of Islington when they heroically capitulated to Al-Quaida, to say nothing of their ongoing campaign to free Gibraltar from the Gibraltarians. Suddenly, times have changed - to listen to their current rhetoric, the L3 might not have wanted to invade Iraq, but they're sure up for bombing Barcelona.

A section of the crowd at the Spain-England game abused black players, and that means everyone called Jose is a Nazi ? The Left is so transparent. Every position is based simply on the desire to stick it to western civilisation. When the Spanish bravely surrendered, they became lefty pin-ups. Now, the Spanish find themselves on the side of the vast white, male, hegemony thingy, all bets are off.

The Left always enjoys an opportunity to get giddily self-righteous, and this particular incident fulfils all the standard criteria, namely it allows the L3 to indulge their lynch mob mentality, all the while slapping themselves on the back for bravely coming out against something no one agrees with anyway.

As with all the best Lefty posturing, there's a distinct air of humbuggery about it. Of course, it goes without saying that the Left's exquisite sensitivity for slights to some groups, coexists with near catatonia when even the gravest offences are committed against those groups judged to enemies of the progress. Ditto, only a total fascist would point out a certain contradiction between the Lefty demands that the England team should protest/walk off the pitch/machine gun the Spanish manager etc - combined with the not so subtle implication that failure to do so means they were also guilty - and the Left's raging at anyone who suggests that the Vast Majority of Peace-Loving Muslims might say a few words against the head-choppers. Those are totally different cases.

Nope - the humbuggery is a particularly fine vintage this of all weeks as the Left has spent it getting in touch with its inner Klansman. The BBC don't need a passport to go and hunt racists - they have plenty in house.

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